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D) Erika suddenly tackles Sydney to the ground

the girls exchanged their cards for new ones again, Erika put her cards face-down on the table. As Sydney and Veronica watched her, Erika reached to her face and removed her glasses, placing them on the table next to her cards. For a brief moment, she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. Then, she looked at Sydney with a very dissatisfied expression. The dolphin responded rather grouchily, "What the hell are you staring a-!" 

She never finished her sentence. 

With the same speed and ferocity of her feral relatives, Erika launched herself at Sydney, tackling the dolphin to the ground. The Shepherd's sudden leap surprised Sydney, who shouted in shock as she was sent to the ground, stomach-first.  

Erika quickly climbed on top of her, and attempted to pin her to the ground. By now, Sydney had begun to fight back, and was now attempting to buck the dog off of her. The shouting match, almost bull riding-like struggle, and the German panties would be enough to garner anyone's full and undivided attention, and it certainly had Veronica's.  

The fox hurried to the other side of the table, where floor match had become a near brawl, with Sydney reaching back at Erika to grab at her arms, and Erika avoiding the dolphin's hands as best she could. But, because of Sydney's notorious strength, especially when angry, Veronica knew that Erika would not last much least, not without help.  

Sydney's already loose pants had slipped low enough to reveal a black waistband, and the lack of a belt meant that they wouldn't last much longer if the dolphin kept up with the physical activities. Of course, the boots would keep them from being removed easily, but that was a problem easily solved. 

Acting quickly, Veronica decided to assist her roommate, and latched onto the bucking dolphin's feet. Narrowly avoided her large tail, Veronica went to work, yanking the boots off of each foot and chucking them across the room. With only socks on her feet now, Sydney began to look back at Veronica, and growled loudly at the fox, "If you help her out, I'm coming after you too, you mozzarella obsessed vixen!" 

Shrugging off Sydney's rather rude remark, Veronica slyly smirked as she grabbed the leather pants and tugged at them. She brought them down to the dolphin's knees, before the pants suddenly flew off. Veronica backed up slightly at the sudden removal of the leather garments, but giggled loudly as she tossed the black pants aside. She then moved closer to get a good look at Sydney's now exposed underpants.  

The panties were a dark purple color, but featured a design all across the butt: two white scythes crossing each other. It was a simple design that at first glance, did not mean anything. However, Veronica knew exactly what the design was, having known Sydney for a while now, "Oh, my gosh! Sydney! Your band had underwear as part of its merchandise?!" 

Erika looked back, and let out a loud laugh as she saw the panties. Sydney, on the other hand, stopped bucking for a moment. Her blueish face turned slightly pink, and she attempted to cover the undies with her tail as she explained, "They're one of a kind! I had them custom made after high school!" 

Veronica held Sydney's tail up, looking at the scythe panties and giggling the whole time. "Aww...I think they're cute!"  

"THEY ARE NOT FUCKING CUTE!!!" Sydney shouted, going from embarrassed to enraged in literally a second. This startled Veronica, but did not scare her completely. In fact, it kindled a bit of anger in the fox herself. Fortunately, this was certainly an opportune time for a little payback on the ferocious dolphin.  

But, what would she do? 


What should Veronica do to Sydney? 

A) Go straight for the classics: a massive wedgie! 

B) A good, disciplinary spanking to straighten that rage out. 

C) Some additional stripping, to embarrass her even more. 

D) Some verbal insults, just to put the dolphin in her place. 

E) You know what, let's just let it slide and forgive her.
Bit of an extened wait on this one, but here it is!

Also, from now on, I'll only be posting one of these a week. Expect these every Friday or Saturday.
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PokeHybrid Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
A. I wanna see some bloodshed violence!
gunman64 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
crb145 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
I'd go for A
Saur-ssb Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
LMAO who would vote E XD

B Spank that rage out 
NightFurytheBlack Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just had to add it, just to see if anyone actually WOULD vote for it XD
grandslayer Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
C, stripping even more usually causes more embarrassment :3
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